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Bracken Company of Archers


Bracken Company of Archers is open to all and the membership is divided up into Seniors (18 and over) and Juniors (under 18) with family membership being available too.

How it all began...

Our club, Bracken is located on the eastern edge of Dorset near the border with Hampshire at Cranborne. The official name for the club is The Bracken Company of Archers which came into being in 1976 when Ferndown Archery Club changed its name.


The origins of Ferndown Archery Club can be traced back to 1968 when it was the archery section of Ferndown Sports Club. Members used the Ferndown Middle School's playing fields for its sporting ground until 1976 when it was decided to move to Bowyer's Croft, Mannington.


It was here that Lew Smith had his bowyer's workshop and the club was fortunate enough to have the use of an adjoining field; however as the club had moved out of Ferndown it was deemed appropriate to change the club's name.


The club made its home at Bowyer's Croft until 1982 when it moved to Three Legged Cross where it remained for the next 24 years.


Lew and Doreen Smith

Lew and Doreen Smith were founder members of Ferndown Archery Club in 1968. They were active members, continuing to support the club in its many sporting and social activities. Sadly we lost Lew in 1980 and an annual inter club tournament was held in his memory until 2006, when it was changed to the Absent Friends memorial shoot. Doreen passed away in 2007.

The club has various competitions throughout the year


Some are just for Bracken members (we even stage fun shoots for the junior members such as at Christmas) while others are inter-club.


There are many competitions throughout the country that members may take part in.

Learn to shoot...


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If you are a newcomer to archery, we run an introductory course through the summer months after which you may join the club. The club has equipment for beginners to use from children up to adults. More information is available here. If you would like to put your name down for an upcoming course please see the Try Archery page.

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